We’re Getting About A Bit These Days….

Well one of this weeks Garden Transformations saw us venture to Hatfield, Hertfordshire to the rescue of another young family who have recently been investing in the garden to create their own dream Garden.

The Coughlan’s had already spent considerable amounts of money on a rather lovely climbing frame for the children along with some rather fabulous specimen topiary bushes and plants as well as having a beautiful deck patio area built which is perfect for entertaining. Mrs Coughlan knew exactly what she wanted in her garden and has what some would say, the unfortunate desire to settle for nothing but exactly what she wants….

The picture below shows where they had got to with their garden before we were asked for our input….


Although quite a small, urban garden – Mr & Mrs Coughlan had managed to make the space very appealing and usable for all the family and on entering their home you couldn’t help but feel they had achieved what most people are trying to do following the plethora of TV gardening shows of creating an outdoor ‘room’ or taking the indoors, out.

The original playground area was covered with bark chip, which is great for a while but soon becomes very messy and unpleasant with the material scattering and becoming very dirty not to mention needing continually topping up. Mrs Coughlan had searched the Artificial Grass market and had found the grass she wanted which had the right texture and appearance but due to several circumstances beyond her control, couldn’t get the grass she wanted in time to enjoy her garden for the summer. Cue John and the Unreal Gardens crew….

As we are completely independent and not tied to any franchise or singular manufacturer/ importer or distributor of Artificial Grass, we are able to source practically any grass our customers require and usually at the right price due to the volumes we procure. We currently use around 15 varieties of Artificial Grass in our range each differing in some way from another. Just as you would find in a carpet retailer, we have swatches and samples of a wide range of grasses for our customers to come and touch and feel to make an informed choice that the grass we supply is the grass they want…

We managed to source a grass which was a match to Mrs Coughlan’s requirements and scheduled an installation at our earliest convenience and the below image shows the result of what was achieved after a long, long day of hard work and perseverance….


This grass is quite simply stunning and suits any garden large or small for the customer looking to achieve a realistic yet luxurious grass. We also installed our fantastic range of Artificial Grass Aluminium Edging which really sets the garden off and creates a real defining edge to the borders. We truly think this is one stunning garden and Mrs Coughlan promised a video of the garden when it was finished…. Watch this space as they say.

Watch out for our next post on a patio transformation we will carry out later today and let us know if you’d like us to give your patio a new lease of life in the Unreal sense of the word….


Another Unreal Garden Transformation, Humberston, Cleethorpes

Well, here we go – first of this weeks updates on the Unreal Gardens Transformation Roll Call….

Mrs Breckon called on us a few weeks ago at the end of her tether having struggled for what she swore was her last time with her ‘damned lawn mower’…..

Having recently lost her husband, Mrs Breckon now has to cope with all the household chores which includes tending the garden and whilst she quite enjoys pottering in the beds, she absolutely detested cutting the grass as that was her late husbands job….

Mrs Breckon also suffers from several debilitating illnesses which render her physically unable to push the lawn mower or do much else in the line of manual work, yet she loves nothing more than spending time with her Best friend and companion, Ollie the Shihtzu in the garden.


We started out as above and Mrs Breckon asked if we could move a few of her shrubs and bushes around – the conifer in the picture being one of them….


The tree had Glen’s name all over it and with a tug and a pull here and a grunt and a groan there, the conif was no more and took a ride across town to take its pride of place in the Unreal Gardens front garden on Waltham Road.


As you can see – Mrs Breckon’s garden isn’t massive but it was big enough for her and she struggled long and hard to keep on top of it….


Well not any more…. A beautiful, low maintenance garden fit for a lady who certainly deserves it.


And her dog Ollie reckons its pretty darned good too!!!

Grimsby Garden Overhaul – Scartho Top


From This……

This week we embarked upon turning Mrs Hollingsworth’s Garden Nightmare into something of an Oasis. Set on the relatively new development known locally around Grimsby as Scartho Top (or colloquially as Scaffa Top) – Mr & Mrs Hollingsworth have a very nice house with a decent sized back garden, but as with most new developments, the gardens are the last aspect of the house the builders seem to consider when building houses.

The ground was badly drained and although the previous owners probably thought that by laying the back garden most to gravel it would likely be low maintenance – how they were wrong!!! Gravelled gardens can be lovely but really need to be laid with consideration as to the purpose they are meant for. Gravel can be very nice to look at and can create wonderful features in parts of gardens if used sympathetically but they are seldom ideal when pets or children are present – and definitely not laid loose.

the Hollingsworth’s got in touch having seen our Facebook Page and the previous garden transformations we have carried out all over the region. We visited their garden and discussed their options, discussed how the garden was to be used and what they hoped to achieve and arrived at the conclusion of installing a great quality artificial grass which would stand up to the rigours of a young family. We suggested the use of our aluminium artificial lawn edging, again due to its maintenance free properties and expected longevity and also supplied a range of top quality plum slate chippings to create a beautifully contrasting border.

We think that the whole garden is quite simply stunning and a place for the whole family to enjoy. What do you think?

To This….


We’d like to express our thanks to the Holingsworth’s for letting us realise their garden ambitions and wish them good luck with their new baby due in a few weeks time….

Artificial Grass Edgings

There is little doubt that Artificial Grass is here to stay, and that it has its place in a real landscape as much as an artificial one.

Unreal Gardens install an extensive range of artificial grass from a wide range of manufacturers and installers but where we do differ from the crowd (and complex it is) is the comprehensive range of additional products and sundries which other artificial grass companies lack in their range.

Due to many years in the professional landscape product manufacturing industry and having dealt with – on both import and export levels – many landscape product supply companies, we have managed to source a range of products which we firmly believe to be second to none.

For example – any artificial grass installation can look good, but we take the view that if we were to invest the kind of money that our customers do we would want our garden and lawn transformation to look a bit more than ‘good’!

The range of Artificial Grass Edgings we supply such as the hugely versatile MultiEdge & AluEdge products can be the difference between a ‘Good’ artificial lawn transformation and a truly fantastic one…..

The images below show the different kinds of edging systems we currently use on our installations to different effects.

The images below show some installations and transformations which have benefitted massively from the use of our Artificial Grass Edgings too:

It clearly shows in the images above how a defining edge used with artificial grass not only delineates from borders etc, but actually enhances the look and gives the artificial grass installation a more natural appearance.

Visit the Unreal Gardens website (www.unrealgardens.co.uk) for more information on the wide range of products and sundries we supply.