House Coal, Traditional Logs, Kindling and much much, more coming soon

We now offer a wide range of decorative aggregates available to buy in bulk for delivery direct to your site. Pea Gravel, Slate, Flint Chippings, Red Gravels, Stone, cobbles and many others besides call us on 01472 349700 for prices…

Also now in stock at our Grimsby warehouse and showroom, our fantastic range of Longer Burning House Coal from Heatwave. Available in 10kg or 20kg strong plastic bags this coal is great for all manner of stoves and open fires. £9.99 for 20kg bags and just £5.99 for 10kg and delivered free for 60kg or more locally within 10 mile radius of Grimsby town centre

We also have a range of traditional hardwood logs in easy to carry nets priced at just £4.99 per net.

Great, convenient location on King Edward Street, Grimsby for easy collection – we’ll even load them in your car for you!!

There’s nothing more cosy and inviting than a roaring open fire – make sure your not caught out in e cold this weekend and get your solid fuel in from Unreal Solutions. Call us on 01472 349700



Unreal Show Garden & New Developments

Our first month in our new show garden and warehouse/workshop has gone really well. Lots of new people have stopped by offering encouraging comments and taken away a little more than they originally came with. Its still amazes me how many people still come and ask questions like, “Will that grow any bigger than that” or  “Where can I learn to prune them and feed them properly” It’s all kind of tantamount to what our whole ethos is – Unreal, being fantastic as well as artificial.

We anticipated being fairly quiet on the Artificial Grass Installation side of the business, but I have to say I have been pleasantly surprised. I think that more and more people want their gardens to be usable all year round instead of constrained to just spring and summer. More and more people are taking up our decking covering service, which if your garden is anything like mine then during the winter months it is like an ice skating rink. If you cover the deck area with our artificial grass (which can be made to size) then the area can still be completely usable and completely safe and then if you so require come spring you can take the grass cover off and have the decking back again.

And for those of you into golf – you can even turn it into your very own putting green!!

December saw us enter into a new partnership with R3 Products of Sheffield who specialise in the manufacture of a range of products using recycled plastics. One of the core products in their range and also that of Unreal Solutions & Unreal Gardens, is the Gravel & Grass Stabilisation System – R Pave. R Pave is one of only a few systems currently available which are truly UK Manufactured and completely unique as well as being patent protected. A great deal of research has gone into the product development and we are pleased to be associated with R3 and have the product included in our portfolio of products and services.

The image above shows R Pave in its various colour offerings from black, to light blue/grey and green making the product suitable for a wide range of surfaces from road planings, pea gravel and flint, to grass reinforcement.

For more information on the product either call in to the Workshop, call us on 01472 349700 or visit our webpage:

There is a great deal to be said about these products and much of which has been said time and again, but there is no escaping the fact that they offer a low cost and effective means of installing a truly permeable, low maintenance, system in a quick and efficient manner – it must be good as I’ve even done my own front garden – complete with Artificial Grass (Images Below)

 If you have a project in mind, maybe a driveway extension or a lawn replacement – why not call us and see how we can transform your part of the world?