About Us

Unreal Gardens was the original name for the company what has now evolved and become Unreal Solutions Ltd. Owned and managed by John Stobart Unreal Gardens now remains as a brand and trading name within the Unreal portfolio specialising in all things low maintenance or artificial.

Unreal Solutions – the company, has a mantra that works alongside other companies, manufacturers, importers, exporters, wholesalers and distributors as well as trades professionals alike. Unreal Solutions is all about the world we live in and finding ways and means of protecting and enhancing this oh so beautiful planet we dwell on. We increasingly find ourselves becoming more and more involved in new and exciting markets and opportunities such as the Green Roof industry, water conservation, forestry, recycling and many others besides which all somehow have a common link in that one way or another these markets all serve to enhance or protect our living environment.

Our reach is such that we can offer products and solutions which fit our clients remit and in a sensitive and ecologically sound, responsible manner. We are a 100% British company with an optimistic approach to a fragile economy.

We are a relatively small and new company with a great deal of growth potential and we prefer to see our clients as development partners rather than customers. Together we all have a responsibility to build a sustainable future businesses that fight together, grow together.

Please do pick up the telephone or drop us a line to sales@unrealsolutions.co.uk if you would like to discuss any of the products or services we offer or if you would like to discuss any possible new opportunities.

Unreal SOlutions Logo

– Unreal Solutions Ltd

Building A Sustainable Future…


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