New Product Update

Eco-Frame – Recycled Plastic Artificial Grass SubBase Framing System.

Eco-Frame is a brand new product from Unreal Solutions Ltd and sold exclusively through Unreal Gardens. For many years, artificial grass and the securing of around edges etc has been somewhat of a contentious issue. Traditionally a tanalised timber frame system is used which resists rot for an amount of time but ultimately when essentially buried in the ground all wood will rot relatively quickly.

Eco-Frame from Unreal Solutions & Unreal Gardens is the solution to this long suffered problem. Made from recycled mixed waste plastics Eco-Frame is both simple to use and environmentally friendly. Eco-Frame can be manipulated, cut, screwed nailed & drilled in the same way traditional timber can – but also has the added benefit of being receptive of typical artificial grass adhesives. 

Eco-Frame is available in two popular sizes similar to traditional timber frame methods:

  • 50mm x 50mm x 3.0m
  • 25mm x 75mm x 2.75m

For more details please visit the website here: 

Or to contact us please email 

Keep watching for more product updates coming soon…


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