We’re Getting About A Bit These Days….

Well one of this weeks Garden Transformations saw us venture to Hatfield, Hertfordshire to the rescue of another young family who have recently been investing in the garden to create their own dream Garden.

The Coughlan’s had already spent considerable amounts of money on a rather lovely climbing frame for the children along with some rather fabulous specimen topiary bushes and plants as well as having a beautiful deck patio area built which is perfect for entertaining. Mrs Coughlan knew exactly what she wanted in her garden and has what some would say, the unfortunate desire to settle for nothing but exactly what she wants….

The picture below shows where they had got to with their garden before we were asked for our input….


Although quite a small, urban garden – Mr & Mrs Coughlan had managed to make the space very appealing and usable for all the family and on entering their home you couldn’t help but feel they had achieved what most people are trying to do following the plethora of TV gardening shows of creating an outdoor ‘room’ or taking the indoors, out.

The original playground area was covered with bark chip, which is great for a while but soon becomes very messy and unpleasant with the material scattering and becoming very dirty not to mention needing continually topping up. Mrs Coughlan had searched the Artificial Grass market and had found the grass she wanted which had the right texture and appearance but due to several circumstances beyond her control, couldn’t get the grass she wanted in time to enjoy her garden for the summer. Cue John and the Unreal Gardens crew….

As we are completely independent and not tied to any franchise or singular manufacturer/ importer or distributor of Artificial Grass, we are able to source practically any grass our customers require and usually at the right price due to the volumes we procure. We currently use around 15 varieties of Artificial Grass in our range each differing in some way from another. Just as you would find in a carpet retailer, we have swatches and samples of a wide range of grasses for our customers to come and touch and feel to make an informed choice that the grass we supply is the grass they want…

We managed to source a grass which was a match to Mrs Coughlan’s requirements and scheduled an installation at our earliest convenience and the below image shows the result of what was achieved after a long, long day of hard work and perseverance….


This grass is quite simply stunning and suits any garden large or small for the customer looking to achieve a realistic yet luxurious grass. We also installed our fantastic range of Artificial Grass Aluminium Edging which really sets the garden off and creates a real defining edge to the borders. We truly think this is one stunning garden and Mrs Coughlan promised a video of the garden when it was finished…. Watch this space as they say.

Watch out for our next post on a patio transformation we will carry out later today and let us know if you’d like us to give your patio a new lease of life in the Unreal sense of the word….


2 thoughts on “We’re Getting About A Bit These Days….

  1. Dear All at unreal gardens…

    Having enjoyed our garden for a few days now and after reading your post on our garden in Hatfield, Hertfordshire. I would like to say a MASSIVE THANK YOU to you and the guys for creating exactly what we wanted for our family garden.

    Considering Artificial Grass/Astro Turf is a big decision for any would be customer or family and can be often be a very daunting experience (as I quickly found out)… Many companies seem to baffle customers with a realm of confusing and conflicting information as to what is best, usually amounting in prices that soon double, even triple a customers original budget… Not one to give up, after 3 months of doing my homework on artificial grass I found “Unreal Gardens”… I immediately drew comfort from John Stowbarts knowledge and felt he understood what I wanted.

    With Unreal Gardens you weren’t just getting an artificial lawn service but more a landscape garden service that was second to none compared to all the other companies I had come across. Within 24 hours John had sourced the exact grass that we required at a more than reasonable price which only gave us further comfort we had come to the right place.

    Within just one week, the team were onsite ready to start the work on our garden which was incredible considering all other companies were quoting 4 to 6 weeks for work to commence.

    On the day the the guys arrived very promptly and began work immediately. From a homeowners perspective they treated my home with more respect and care than any other building/garden business that we have previously used. Throughout the day John made various suggestions as to how we could show our garden off to it’s full potential “hence the slate in the borders”.

    When the garden was finally finished the guys took some photo’s to show the transformation which was incredible, and by the time they left one would never have known we had a team working hard throughout the day. Nothing was out of place and not a single bit of mess was left behind.

    The garden looked beautiful, just as we had planned and the team provided us with a professional service that was second to none.

    If anyone is considering having artificial grass I would strongly recommend that they contact Unreal Gardens – we have been extremely happy with the final result and hope to forward our video soon.

    With warm regards and thanks to All at Unreal Gardens – Mrs Coughlan

    • Thank you Mrs Coughlan –

      The lads and I took great pleasure in completing your garden – you’d be surprised at some of the challenges we face from time to time, but really that is what we are all about – going that little bit further to give you, our customers the Unreal Experience….

      We had a really great day in Hatfield and it was a pleasure to meet you and Mr Coughlan junior and we hope you get great pleasure from your garden. The next time we’re in your neck of the woods, we’ll pop in for a cup of tea and say hello ;0).

      Thank you once again for your business and your kind comments – it truly was a pleasure to work with you….

      Best wishes,

      John & the Unreal Team…

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