Busy, busy, busy….

A real road trip this week has turned out to be – started out with a front garden to transform in New Waltham, Grimsby for a friend of a previous customer of ours. Despite losing one of our installers to a mysterious stomach bug which saw John dropping him at Princess Diana A&E, Grimsby, we managed to strip and transform the front lawn much to our customers delight in the day with just two of us.

Next, we headed out to Hull to make another couples garden a little, shall we say, different….

Mr Jackson called to ask if it was possible to give him a lawn instead of his block paved back garden….without creating a complete mess!!!! – ‘Course we can’ says John, ‘We aren’t called Unreal Gardens for ‘nowt yer know’

A week or so later we were in Hedon which is a village just out of Hull city centre completely transforming a dull back yard.

Mr Jackson had already built a decked area outside his patio, and we then came to his aid and fitted grass and a slate border to add the finishing touches and what a difference it made – we’ll post pictures to tomorrow as we’ve another transformation to do before we can download all the pictures….

After Hull we were due to land in South Kirkby, another village near Rotherham to the rescue of Mrs Eades who has a Passion for breeding Maltese dogs. Much as she loves showing her dogs, Mrs Eades couldn’t really enjoy a garden as dogs inherently ruin real grass. Mrs Eades decided on our Finesse range of grass and managed to convince her husband to have the front garden done at the same time which was great for us. Another stunning transformation if we say so ourselves, again pictures to follow tomorrow…

With South Kirkby done we checked in at The Rock Hotel, Halifax ready for the final leg of this weeks tour de grass…

Check back tomorrow for more updates on how we progress…..


Another Unreal Garden Transformation, Humberston, Cleethorpes

Well, here we go – first of this weeks updates on the Unreal Gardens Transformation Roll Call….

Mrs Breckon called on us a few weeks ago at the end of her tether having struggled for what she swore was her last time with her ‘damned lawn mower’…..

Having recently lost her husband, Mrs Breckon now has to cope with all the household chores which includes tending the garden and whilst she quite enjoys pottering in the beds, she absolutely detested cutting the grass as that was her late husbands job….

Mrs Breckon also suffers from several debilitating illnesses which render her physically unable to push the lawn mower or do much else in the line of manual work, yet she loves nothing more than spending time with her Best friend and companion, Ollie the Shihtzu in the garden.


We started out as above and Mrs Breckon asked if we could move a few of her shrubs and bushes around – the conifer in the picture being one of them….


The tree had Glen’s name all over it and with a tug and a pull here and a grunt and a groan there, the conif was no more and took a ride across town to take its pride of place in the Unreal Gardens front garden on Waltham Road.


As you can see – Mrs Breckon’s garden isn’t massive but it was big enough for her and she struggled long and hard to keep on top of it….


Well not any more…. A beautiful, low maintenance garden fit for a lady who certainly deserves it.


And her dog Ollie reckons its pretty darned good too!!!

Unreal Renovations….

I’ve always fancied the thought of taking the Unreal brand and expanding into property development, renovations and other areas of estate management, after all it seems we will always need a place to live….

Take a look at our first renovation project –



We came across this quaint little Princess’ Play Pad from a friend of ours on Facebook, who asked if we knew of anyone who could make use of it. As you can see it is definitely in need of a lot of TLC but I think I can see a future for this little palace to be…

We set about gutting the playhouse from top to bottom, took out the floors and decided if it was to see a future somewhere else it would probably need a new roof too……


We are under no illusion that this is going to be an easy task by any stretch of the imagination, but I’m fairly sure that we can rise to the challenge and make it fit for a Proper Little Princess once more, and I even have visions of it having its own little Unreal Garden too….

So for our first dip into the world of property development, we think we will turn this around to be quite a stunning piece of Unreal Garden Architecture, check back later to see how the project comes along and if anyone would like to make a bid on the finished article we will be open to offers and depending on how much it raises, we will donate all proceeds over £150.00 to When You Wish Upon A Star – Making Poorly Children’s Dreams Come True.

….And Here’s The End Result!!!


It took some doing but we completed this transformation and made the garden a stunning, low maintenance easy to enjoy garden for years to come. One of our greatest challenges to date and complete with a simple decked patio now too!!!

What do you think of this transformation and if we could cheer up your garden blues, do get in touch on 07984 380040….

Where do we start???….

Well I know we said we get the greatest satisfaction from transforming the gardens which throw up the greatest challenges – and this our latest project is going to be no exception!!!

Working on behalf of Housing And Support Solutions, Grimsby who provide support and care services for adults with learning difficulties or find every day tasks a struggle – we were tasked to transform a garden into a safe and secure space which was easy to maintain yet practical and enjoyable for the tenants.

The below image shows the enormity of what we were tasked with – check back tomorrow to see how we get on and how this nightmare garden is transformed into a low maintenance garden which will be easy to enjoy and safe for all concerned.


More to come soon and don’t forget you can see the full transformation album on Facebook once the garden is completed here: http://www.facebook.com/UnrealGardens/photos?ref=ts

As Promised – More Artificial Grass Transformation Pictures From Waltham, Grimsby


As we started to say earlier…..

Today we helped Mr & Mrs Bird to achieve their garden ambition by transforming their rather tired and difficult to maintain lawn….


Aluminium Artificial Grass Edging From Unreal Solutions Ltd.

Tree Ring created using Rite Edge Artificial Grass Aluminium Edging from Unreal Solutions Ltd.

Having stripped all the tired lawn, we then needed to install a ring of steel (well aluminium actually) around the tree which happened to be a central feature in the garden.


Artificial Grass Base

With the Artificial Grass Base prepared all that remains is to install the Multi Edge frame and fit the grass…


Multi Edge Artificial Grss Edging

Multi Edge Artificial Grass Sub Frame from Unreal Solutions Ltd – in place ready for the grass to be secured to by either adhesives or mechanical fixings….


So with the sub base and the MultiEdge Artificial Grass Subframe in place all that really remains now is to cut the chosen artificial grass (Finesse) to length and fit…..


Artificial Grass Installation Grimsby, Unreal Gardens

A rather lovely Artificial Grass transformation completed and ready to be enjoyed to the full…


What can we do to transform your garden woes into your dream oasis? Contact us for a no obligation quote on 07984 380040 or 01472 349700.

Watch out for tomorrows posts and updates via the Blog and Facebook (http://www.facebook.com/UnrealGardens) on a rather special project for a disabled family in Grimsby in association with HASS Ltd. (http://www.hassltd.com/) …..