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Mr & Mrs Hollingsworth – Artificial Grass Installation Grimsby – North East Lincolnshire | Unreal Gardens. Website Page now added…..


Grimsby Garden Overhaul – Scartho Top


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This week we embarked upon turning Mrs Hollingsworth’s Garden Nightmare into something of an Oasis. Set on the relatively new development known locally around Grimsby as Scartho Top (or colloquially as Scaffa Top) – Mr & Mrs Hollingsworth have a very nice house with a decent sized back garden, but as with most new developments, the gardens are the last aspect of the house the builders seem to consider when building houses.

The ground was badly drained and although the previous owners probably thought that by laying the back garden most to gravel it would likely be low maintenance – how they were wrong!!! Gravelled gardens can be lovely but really need to be laid with consideration as to the purpose they are meant for. Gravel can be very nice to look at and can create wonderful features in parts of gardens if used sympathetically but they are seldom ideal when pets or children are present – and definitely not laid loose.

the Hollingsworth’s got in touch having seen our Facebook Page and the previous garden transformations we have carried out all over the region. We visited their garden and discussed their options, discussed how the garden was to be used and what they hoped to achieve and arrived at the conclusion of installing a great quality artificial grass which would stand up to the rigours of a young family. We suggested the use of our aluminium artificial lawn edging, again due to its maintenance free properties and expected longevity and also supplied a range of top quality plum slate chippings to create a beautifully contrasting border.

We think that the whole garden is quite simply stunning and a place for the whole family to enjoy. What do you think?

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We’d like to express our thanks to the Holingsworth’s for letting us realise their garden ambitions and wish them good luck with their new baby due in a few weeks time….

Why Mowing Grass Is Far More Than Just A Chore!!!

Good morning all – we’re getting well into this mobile blogging now and figured today was a good day to post something which people will often not really take into consideration when thinking about what effects looking after their lawn has on the environment.

The below exerts were taken from the National Geographic Website section which covers the environment


Environmental Impact

Pay Attention to What Your Mowing

Once you purchase a mower, don’t overuse it. Lawns originated in England, where rainfall was sufficient to keep lawns watered naturally. When Americans adopted the green lawn, we realized that we needed to use lots of water in maintenance. A hose running a sprinkler is estimated to use nine gallons per minute, or 530 gallons per hour. Ways to reduce water waste include planting drought-resistant local grasses, leaving grass clippings on the lawn, using organic fertilizers, and using xeriscaping tricks, such as building zen gardens with rocks and statues. These water tips will help reduce the time you spend mowing.

Greenhouse Gas Emissions

In 2009, the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality found that an hour of gas-powered lawn mowing produces as much pollution as four hours of driving a car. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has also recognized the alarming amount of pollution generated by lawn mowers. In 2008, the EPA created rules to enforce manufacturers of lawn mowers and weed whackers to cut smog-forming emissions from their products by at least 35 percent starting in 2011.

Energy Efficiency

The EPA’s new rules will help consumers save money. The EPA projects that improved energy efficiency of lawn mowers will reduce demand for gasoline by 190 million gallons annually.

Although lawn mowers are not eligible for the EPA Energy Star label, there are cordless electric models that come equipped with an Energy Star-rated battery charger, which uses 35 percent less energy than standard chargers.


The new rules should also help improve the health of Americans. The agency estimates that five percent of the country’s air pollution originates from the more than 50 million people cutting their grass on any given summer weekend. With the anticipated emission reductions of hydrocarbons (which cause smog), carbon monoxide (a highly toxic gas), carbon dioxide (a major cause of global warming), and particulate matter (which causes breathing trouble for humans), reductions in lung damage, asthma attacks, heart conditions, and premature deaths from exposure to air pollution should occur.


According to the Consumer Product Safety Commission, the most deadly threat from lawn mowers is flying debris. Riding mowers cause 95 deaths each year, while walk-behind mowers cause three.

To prevent injuries, wear shoes while mowing. More than 80,000 people are sent to U.S. hospitals each year because of lawn-mowing accidents, mostly because of debris shooting out from the blades. It’s also a good idea to wear glasses, earplugs, and even a face mask.

In rare cases, lawn mowers have been known to spread fatal diseases, as was the bizarre result in 2000 on Martha’s Vineyard, Massachusetts. According to the New England Journal of Medicine, a man died after his mower turned tularemia—an infectious disease spread by rabbits, beavers, and other animals—from a carcass in his yard into an aerosol.

And while it is always nice to get kids to understand the importance of a strong work ethic, the American Academy of Pediatrics notes that they should be at least 12 years old before mowing the lawn. Kids should also never ride along while adults are cutting the grass.

National Geographic Website

…..Did you also know that grass emits what are now more commonly known as VOC’s (Volatile Organic Compounds) and that the presence of which also increases by about 100 fold after cutting??

…..The ‘green’ smell of freshly cut grass originates from the increase of the chemicals released into the atmosphere during mowing.

Surprising to think that merely mowing your lawn on a weekly basis is probably more damaging than driving most new Eco efficient cars to work for a week.

So looking after your lawn and doing what most people see as being environmentally conscientious really isn’t that environmentally helpful at all, and thats before we start looking at fertilizers and weed killers etc….

Now if that isn’t enough cause to consider an artificial lawn transformation, I don’t know what is…. do the world a favour, get rid of your real lawn and replace it with an Unreal Gardens Lawn….

Novelty & Handmade Garden Products

We at Unreal Gardens like to think that our range of products is increasingly diverse and appealing to a wide ranging audience. As such we have decided to add a range of products which will benefit the more under privileged people in our local economy.

Our objective is to develop a range of products which people would be prepared to buy and use in their homes and gardens, and in keeping with the Unreal ethos these products will be manufactured using ecologically sensitive or recycled materials.

We believe that the way to dig ourselves out of these austere times is by reinvention – by creating opportunities and therefore work which people can once again feel proud of. Our nation as a whole has masses of craftsman skills which are under utilised and our nation also has as a whole a huge problem with waste management.

We may not have all the answers nor do we claim to be able to run the country, but we do feel that we can help by doing our bit and start by supporting our local economy and providing people with opportunity to do something to make them feel proud.

The first products we have added to this range are our novelty, hand made wooden planters. These are hand built right here in Grimsby using wood sourced from damaged shipping pallets and then treated with a wood preservative or can be left untreated for the customer to treat themselves.


Swing Seat Planter

Just £44.99 Each Inc VAT

The above image shows the Swing Seat Planter we currently offer and priced at just £44.99 each inc VAT we think these would look at home on any discerning patio or deck.



Hand Built Bench Planter

Just £29.99 Each Inc VAT

Image above shows the second of the starter range – the Novelty Park Bench Planter. A lovely addition or gift for any occasion and could even be built as a memorial bench for that special loved one.

All bench and swing planters are made to order so please do call early to avoid disappointment. These products are subject to separate carriage charges and due to their delicate nature do require careful packaging for shipping.


We would love to hear any feedback on the new products or if there are other products you would like to see featured please do give us a call or email

Transformations Galore!!


Well here we go again – another fabulous week of Unreal Garden Transformations ahead, and we think there could well be a few stunners among them too…. Watch out for the pictures coming along in separate posts over the course of the week.

Although we’ve all probably moaned a little about the weather so far this summer (not that it’s been much of a summer so far) but the forecasters are indicating a slight improvement in July – lets hope the weather holds for those Olympic Barbeque’s – either that or I think we’ll see if we can develop an Unreal weather machine to go with our Unreal Gardens!!

We still have some slots left during July for garden transformations to be carried out but be quick as these won’t last long. The weather may be miserable but that doesn’t necessarily mean your garden has to be – our lawn transformations can’t be spoiled by the typical British weather..


Lincolnshire Show 2012

We had a very pleasant day at Grange De Lings today at the Lincolnshire Show. The weather remained dry, warm and settled for the duration although we are told that tomorrow doesnt hold the same in store….

Having exhibitted at last years 2011 Lincolnshire Show we were a little unsure as to whether or not it held much in the way of success for us, so this year we took the decision to visit and walk the show to prospect and weigh up whether it would be better suited for us to take a stand elsewhere on the showground. Needless to say it seems that visitors to the 2013 Lincolnshire Show can expect to see us there next year – indeed if we can manage to get ourselves organised in time we may be exhibitting in a few weeks for the Aztec Show – All About Gardening also to be held on the Lincolnshire Showground on 29th June 2012.

Having met several potential new suppliers with possible new ideas for us to partner with, the future seems positively even more Unreal….

Here’s a link to the Channel7 Coverage of the 2011 Lincolnshire Show:>w (part>.be/P7Ihthb_2aw (Part 2)

Watch out for the interview with John Stobart at the start of part 2…

Coverage of the 2012 show will be added at a later date – please check back regularly.

Artificial Grass Edgings

There is little doubt that Artificial Grass is here to stay, and that it has its place in a real landscape as much as an artificial one.

Unreal Gardens install an extensive range of artificial grass from a wide range of manufacturers and installers but where we do differ from the crowd (and complex it is) is the comprehensive range of additional products and sundries which other artificial grass companies lack in their range.

Due to many years in the professional landscape product manufacturing industry and having dealt with – on both import and export levels – many landscape product supply companies, we have managed to source a range of products which we firmly believe to be second to none.

For example – any artificial grass installation can look good, but we take the view that if we were to invest the kind of money that our customers do we would want our garden and lawn transformation to look a bit more than ‘good’!

The range of Artificial Grass Edgings we supply such as the hugely versatile MultiEdge & AluEdge products can be the difference between a ‘Good’ artificial lawn transformation and a truly fantastic one…..

The images below show the different kinds of edging systems we currently use on our installations to different effects.

The images below show some installations and transformations which have benefitted massively from the use of our Artificial Grass Edgings too:

It clearly shows in the images above how a defining edge used with artificial grass not only delineates from borders etc, but actually enhances the look and gives the artificial grass installation a more natural appearance.

Visit the Unreal Gardens website ( for more information on the wide range of products and sundries we supply.