Rapstrap – Thousands of uses only one Rapstrap!!

Unreal Gardens are pleased to announce that we are now able to offer the amazing Rapstrap Tying System. With 3 main sizes there are literally thousands of uses and applications, and unlike cable ties or ratchet straps, Rapstraps can be used again and again.

Ideal for use in tree care, horticulture and viticulture, Rapstrap can speed up day to day tying and strapping operations and help to reduce costs. Available in a variety of colours there really is a Rapstrap for every application.

Use it around the home, in the garden, on the allotment – use it in garages and sheds, greenhouses and coldframes.

Electricians use them, engineers use them, mechanics use them, telecoms, plumbers, fashion designers and florists, you name it there’s a Rapstrap for it.

Tree Supports

Rapstraps can be connected to make them longer
Clematis Ties – And Reusable!!

For more details visit our website or contact us on 01472 235619 or mobile 07984 380040.

Rapstrap – Thousands of uses – one Rapstrap.


Recycled Rubber Mulch

We are pleased to announce the inclusion of our Unreal, recycled rubber products to our range of professional, low maintenance portfolio.

There are 2 main products within the range – a mulch type product, and a fine shred. The mulch product is available in a range of colours which can be used simply as a loose laid mulch or in conjunction with our resin binder to bond the chips and shreds together which can then be trowelled in place.

The fine shred we offer can be used to help feed and reinforce lawn areas, improve drainage and encourage root growth. The compaction and expansion of the shred when applied to the lawn quite literally allows the root structure to breathe drawing essential air and nutrients to exactly where they are needed.

Our recycled rubber shreds are also ideal as a rubber infill product for artificial or synthetic sports surfaces and are available in either 10kg or bulk bag qtys.

Unreal Solutions will also soon be offering an installation service for the application of Resin Bonded Rubber Mulch and Rubber Infilling and for Artificial Sports Pitches. for more information do not hesitate to contact us

Volunteer Garden Transformation Project For Hull School

We have been asked to get involved with a Hull primary school to help transform a currently disused and somewhat overgrown part of the school grounds.

The picture above shows what we are tasked with and gives us a fantastic opportunity in which to showcase exactly what we can do with a bit of imagination and a lot of help and determination.
The aim of the project is to create an “Outdoor Classroom” something which can be used by the children to explore and learn and enjoy. The area already has a pond built into it although in a sad state of repair, and also features a rather fantastic “Wildlife Mound” which has all manner of wild flowers, insects and butterflies which many architects are now trying to recreate in towns and cities on high rise roofs. We plan to make the most of these features and at the same time create new areas within the Garden Classroom whereby children and students can interact with nature and get hands on experiece of how things grow and transform throughout the year.
Below is an early plan of what we would like to achieve and all the while using low maintenance and environmentally sensitive products and materials to create this new and exciting space.
What this space for more updates and information on how this project takes shape….

What a month!!!

Well, what an incredible month it’s been some may say even Unreal!! We ended June with the 2011 Lincolnshire Show which we treated as our official if somewhat belated launch event. We had the help and support of Tina O Brien a well known and highly respected serial entrepreneur from Scarborough who cut the ribbon to the stand.

I have to say a massive thank you to my mother in law Wendy, Brother in law Guy, and great friends Nick Heywood, George & Emma Fulton and Dawn Nicholson for the parts they all played in helping us make the show the success that it was. And last but by no means least my amazing wife Nina whom without her, none of this would have been possible. Wendy, Nick, Guy, Nina and Dawn all worked tirelessly in what were incredibly long days fetching, carrying and indeed selling on the stand. Guy was an absolute trooper all the way through too helping with the construction of the stand in what almost turned out to be a disaster as the wind decided to convert our Gazebo into an Unreal work of twisted art. Nick proved that as a Salesman through and through, it doesn’t matter what it is you are selling, its the relationship you develop with your customers that determines your success.

Dawn baked some absolutely amazing cup cakes which went down a real treat along with the Champagne we offered as part of our launch – we really do think you should start up the Unreal Cup Cakes side of the business Dawn – quite possibly the best cakes we have had – even if we ate them for breakfast lunch and dinner!!!

The garden we built was extremely well received – some may even say it was too good as some people didn’t actually grasp that practically everything we had on display was of an artificial nature. Our Unreal Hanging Baskets were very popular so much so we are on our second stock turn already, as were our incredibly realistic topiary bushes.

The lawn we had laid out also drew plenty of attention from visitors and their dogs and we received some very promising enquiries and leads. So all in all we have to say a resounding success even if the weather did spoil itself somewhat. Thank you to all our visitors who braved the rain and thank you to all who placed orders with us, we hope you are completely satisfied with your purchases and hopefully all our customers think the garden transformations we have carried out across Lincolnshire on their behalf are truly Unreal and are being enjoyed to the max.

Lincolnshire Show 2011